Ninja Pride: AKA Big Cats Gym Ninjas!

Ninja Pride is a class for boys & girls focusing on strength, agility and discipline through challenging obstacle courses & martial arts based skills training. In this class, students will work to progress through a combination of gymnastics and parkour while training like a ‘warrior’ in a fun & safe environment. *Think American Ninja Warrior scaled back for school-aged warriors! As your child makes progress through the course, they will be given “Ninja Trials” at different intervals for an opportunity to advance to a new ninja headband color which leads to new skills training. There is always something to look forward to in Ninja Pride class. This class is so much fun the kids don't even realize they are getting stronger and faster!

Things to look forward to in Ninja Class:

  • Ring Swings
  • Rope Climb & Swing
  • Wide Reach Monkey Bars
  • Fingerhold Cliffhanger Walk
  • Angled Dash Run
  • Horizontal Rock Climbing Wall
  • Kong Vault
  • Cargo Net
  • Non-Combative Kicks & Punches
  • Cool Flips & Tricks
  •  And New in Summer 2017 is the 10 foot Warp Wall! Can you conquer the wall?

P.S. This class fills up fast so don't delay in signing your ninja up!!